xxxHolic – Ame
Warashi & Yuuko

Hours to Complete: 300
Budget: $200
Debuted: San Japan 2013
Awards: Best in Advanced

  • Jehn (Yuuko)
  • Kiya (Ame Warashi)
  • Benihime (Zashiki Warashi)
  • Sunlit Cosplay (Watanuki)

Yuuko’s bodice was drafted from flat measurements and the skirt was made by modifying a commercial pattern and fully lined. The ruffles were made with a serger, and almost all of the dress was finished with an overlocking stitch.

The applique process was as follows: cut each petal/leaf from the velvet, lightly iron to Wonder Under, cut each piece out, iron again to have the adhesive stick, peel off backs, pin on correct side of dress, go underneath to pin on the opposite side of the dress, and finally, iron on the wrong side of the dress to adhere the petal/leaf to the dress itself. Because the velvet could not be ironed directly on top of, special considerations were necessary to maintain the pile. This process, plus the satin stitching, took between 50-60 hours. The waist cincher’s back and sides are from a modified commercial pattern, while the front was hand drafted. The satin is backed with interfacing and lined with jean material; for additional support, steel boning was used in boning casing between the seams. Metallic black thread was used for the top stitching as an added effect.

All jewelry was hand-beaded to emulate the design; six different size beads were used to give each piece a different shape. The geta were cut from a pine fence picket and sanded to shape. The ha were glued to the sole with wood glue, and holes were drilled into the sole for the thongs. Swarovski crystals were added for an element of interest. The wig was cut to style and stubbed where the two hair loops are placed. The hair loops are plastic tubing from Lowe’s with wire inside to maintain the loop shape. Part of a weft was cut and glue to the top of the tube, and then wound around the tube. The stubs were wrapped around the tube and glued beneath the wig.

Ame Warashi’s dress was created from a heavily modified commercial pattern. Two petticoats (Malco Modes) were bought, one of which had added hand-made ruffles. The second petticoat is used to support the weight of the first petticoat and gives volume to the dress. Bias tape was cut and used to trim the dress along with the ruffles. The pattern for the jacket was created using the same highly modified pattern of the dress so that it sat directly on top. Piping was created and trims the jacket. Leaves and rose petals were copied onto “wonder under” and then ironed onto the dress for detailing. The velvet was backed with twill for stability and shape. Bloomers were created according to a commercial pattern and fully lined. Bias tape, ruffles, and bows were used to finish and trim the bloomers.

A pigtail clip wig was used and heavily modified. The curl clips were taken apart and the wefts glued to a felt and wire base. Bangs were cut and extra wefts added to the sides to make small curls that frame the face. The drill curls are sewn into the wig.

The bonnet was self drafted, with hand-made bias piping and ruffles . Velvet is used for the main body and ribbon sewn in so that it can tie onto the head. The gloves were store bought and trimmed in the same bias piping and ruffles as the rest of the costume. The shoes were store bought and satin straps were added. Buttons are used as closures and Swarovski crystals were added to the heels for extra details A tutorial was used and elaborated on to create the “Rolled Ribbon Roses.” Instead of ribbon, we used fabric. A strip of fabric was cut, folded, and then serged with a rolled hem for extra detail. The roses are assembled with hot glue and added Swarovski crystals.

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