Justice League

Hours to Complete: 50
Budget: $100
Debuted: Mechacon 2012
Awards Won: N/A

  • Kiya (The Huntress)
  • Nick (The Question)


Who doesn’t love a sassy, italian and occasionally reckless vigilante? The moment Kiya watched Justice League Unlimited, was the moment she realized.. that she wanted.. no NEEDED to be The Huntress!

A wet look spandex was used for the majority of the costume with leather for the purple accent stripes. The cape was attached to the body suit to make sure everything would align correctly. The bootcovers fit over a pair of pumps with a large zipper closure down the back which were then sewn to a pair of dance tights to keep them from slipping. The “ab window” was reinforced with a non stretch fabric and fashion tape used to secure the suit to Kiya’s body. The mask was made using a thermo plastic which was hand formed to fit Kiya’s face and painted with a purple pearl laquer.


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