Hours to Complete: 100
Budget: 100
Debuted: Onicon 2012
Awards Won: 2nd place overall

  • Jehn (Maru)
  • Kiya (Moro)



We couldn’t resist doing more Clamp cosplay.. and Maru and Moro had been in the back of our minds for quite some time.

Maru’s wig was created by combining three wigs supported by a styrofoam understructure bolted to a headband. Moro’s wig was made by making two large pin curls with a light spray of hair clue keeping them together. Hot glue was used to adhere each loop to the wig and to create a hard base to keep the fibers together. ┬áThe hair butterflies were meticulously cut from black glitter foam and regular foam with a painted gradient and secured to the wigs with hair clips. The same pattern was used for the large wings. The large wings were cut from plastic and attach to the body via an inside pocket which was secured to our body with velcro and elastic. The chokers were made from the same gitter foam. Moro’s choker and hair accessories were hand beaded. The bodices were made from a heavily modified commercial pattern and the skirts were hand drafted. Maru’s skirt has three layers of a light weight pleated knit material and with two layers hand dyed different hues of blue. Moro’s skirt is made up of 4 tiered circle skirts with scallops meticulously cut into every layer.

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