One Piece – Perona

Hours to Complete: 80+
Budget: $100
Debuted: Delta H Con 2012
Awards Won: Best in Show


The shirt and caplet were made using modified commercial patterns. I created a graphic and printed it on an iron transfer sheet, and then meticulously cut away the design with an Exacto knife. Before sewing, the scallops were hand-drawn on the fabric using half of a plastic Easter Egg for a stencil. All edges were finished with an overlocking stitch.

I drew and created embroidery files of the flower and the “scalloped scallops” to embroider onto the skirt. Overall, I rehooped the skirt for embroidery between 40-50 times.

The belt was painted to the correct colors using painters’ tape and spray paint. I used air-dry clay to make a heart for the belt buckle, sanded it, and used vacuum-forming to make a resin mold. The resin gem is backed by metallic poster board and is in a setting made of sintra. Each rivet is custom-molded resin gems painted in gold metallic spray paint.

Perona’s accessories were made primarily with sintra. Each piece was patterned out, cut using a razor blade, and formed using a heat gun. Super glue was used to attach the pieces together and then sanded until the seams were smooth; about eight hours of sanding went into the crown alone. To achieve the correct colors, painters’ tape was utilized; touch-ups were done in acrylic paints as needed. I used Sculpy Mold-Maker Clay to make molds of two different sized beads for the half-sphere details on Perona’s crown and belt. After casting the resin, each gem was sanded before it was painted. The hair pieces are three layers of sintra cut, glued, and sanded together to form the flowers.

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