Hours to Complete: 300
Budget: $300+
Debuted: Anime Matsuri 2013
Awards Won: A-kon 2013 Best in Show

  • Jehn (The Count)
  • Kiya (HaydĂ©e Tebelin)

The Count and Haydee were two costumes originally prepared for the WCS Gulf Qualifiers at Anime Matsuri in 2013. Both costumes were later revisited to wear for A-kon 2013. This a shortened write-up of all the work that went into these costumes.

The Count’s jacket, shirt, and pants were made using modified commercial patterns; the sleeves on the jacket in particular were heavily modified to accommodate the Count’s style of a bell-shape. The swirls on the cuff were satin stitched onto the cuff before sewing it to the jacket. Snap-tape was used in lieu of buttons for both the jacket and shirt as part of an effect in the skit. The snaps were later replaced with buttons. The cuff links were made using sintra with styrene detailing on top. After painting, an enamel gloss and a coat of jewelry resin were used to finish the look.

The Count’s cloak lining is a custom design made by Kiya, and then printed using a printing service onto “cotton silk” fabric. The design took around 25 hours and many iterations before it was finalized. The design incorporated many hand drawn vectors, as well as a couple pre-fabricated images (the fire effect, and a hidden Chinese dragon) The printing service we used was

Haydee’s wig includes a base wig (Leia from Arda wigs) and 3 ponytail clips in the same color. Extra wefts were picked apart from the 3rd ponytail clip and used to add volume to the front bang. The rest of the hair from the ponytail clip was used to create the hair loops. Upholstery piping with jewelry wire threaded through it were used as the base for the loops and adhered with e6000 and hairspray. The loops were attached to the wig by threading the jewelry wire through the wig netting and tying them together under the wig. The two ponytail clips were clipped in underneath the pigtails on the base wig and peacock feathers glued in as an added detail. The wig was later revisited to re-adjust the ponytails so they fall farther back and negating the use of the extra ponytail clips.

Haydee’s dresses were both custom drafted patterns. The blocks of color on the black dress were mostly patterns found online, with color and styling changes made. The rest were primarily hand drawn vectors (flowers on the pink/salmon dress) which were then printed onto heat transfer paper and ironed on. The faces were hand painted and black swarovski crystals added on the black details; The bubbles and stars were hand painted with glitter laid ontop.

The entire structure of the dress was revisited in preperation for A-kon. It was taken apart and interlined (faced) with itself to give the entire dress more weight and shape. It was then sewn back together and includes a full lining and horsehair sewn into the bottom in order to fan out.

The shoes were created over a ballet flat base with Foam and wire used to create the lip of the shoe. The flats were then covered with a knit fabric and handsewn in place. The earrings were made with three different types of scrapbooking paper then covered in jewelry resin to create a beveled and finished look. The choker pendant was made in the same way and attached via hidden eye pin to an orange satin ribbon with a ribbon clamp closure. The blue hair barretts are made using worbla and painted flat blue. The tassels were used as a belt and connect using a brooch pin. Jehn used a 4 in platform shoes to create a height difference between between she and Kiya.

Makeup used is prosthetic adhesive mixed with acrylic for places that would touch fabric, and Paradise AQ for everywhere else. The beard is made by attaching fiber from the wig to Jehn’s face using liquid latex. We built it up thick, then cut and trimmed it into shape. It is reusable, but does require some touching up after each use.

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