IMG_9060-250ab3ee07ed0b.jpgThe elusive cosplayers of SEC-C Cosplay are most commonly seen in their natural habitat the Anime Convention. At these conventions they are seen frolicking about in impractical attire and heavy makeup, in the hopes of attracting fellow cosplayers and the wayward creatures known as Cosplay Photographers.

While the “Jehn’s” diet consists mainly of plants, fungi, and occasionally foliage, the “Kiya” makes no distinction and it can even be said, that she lives just to eat. Both can be found napping between the hours of “After lunch” and “Before we need to be in full costume” After their nap-time, they can be found frantically grooming themselves in preparation for ritualistic activities such as Cosplay Photoshoots and Contests.




A Texan originally hailing from New Jersey, Jehn has been cosplaying since 2004. Starting small at first.. she bought and altered pieces for her costumes.. but by 2007, wielding the almighty power of sewing classes, books, and her dad’s garage, she was sewing and making her costumes and props from scratch. About a year later she started competing against and along-side Kiya, which eventually led to the creation of SEC-C Cosplay. Resident Speaker of the group, she is talented in face to face networking, conducting and organizing panels, as well as making sure Kiya doesn’t forget her head (or her wig.)

“I believe cosplay is about the entire visage. I like to see the full package and really get the sense that I’m looking at the character. Anime characters have a tendency to not translate 100% into real life; I feel that my job as a cosplayer is to figure out a harmonious way to pay homage to the character while working with my “real life” proportions.”



9769745513_f259e7b30a_b.jpgHailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, she now resides in Dallas, Texas. She made her first cosplay in 2002 with the help of her mom and goodwill, attended her first convention, and participated in her first contest. She made another costume and took a couple sewing classes.. but it wasn’t until 2007 that she started cosplaying consistently with craftsmanship in mind. It was around this time that she met Jehn and SEC-C Cosplay was born. Resident Graphic Designer and Social Media Guru, she manages the facebook page, online networking, and making sure that every cosplay lineup is as pretty as possible.

“I work as a Graphic Designer for a large corporation and use Cosplay as a creative outlet. Rarely do I have full control over any project at my job, but my costumes are my own, even though I work in a group with Jehn. One of the things that I love most about cosplay is that no one costume is the same. Every costume is a little different than the next, and that difference is what makes it yours.”




To have us at your convention or event, please reach out to us at CONTACT@HELLOSEC-C.COM  atleast 3-6 months in advance. We are available for panels, masquerade judging, and promotional work. We require event membership, and depending on the location of the event, travel expenses and hotel compensation.


Cosplay 101
Sewing 101
Advanced Sewing
Cosplay Makeup
Poses and Walk-ons and Skits, Oh My!


2014 DeltaH Con – Cosplay Guests, Panelists and Masquerade Judges.
2014 Louisianime – Cosplay Guests, Panelists and Masquerade Judges.

2013 Anime North Texas – Cosplay Guests, Panelists and Masquerade Judges.
2013 Oni-Con – Cosplay Guests, Panelists and Masquerade Judges.
2013 San Japan – Best in Advanced
2013 Akon – Best in Show
2013 Delta-H Con – Best in Show (Jehn)
2013 Featured in publication Breaking All the Rules: Cosplay and the Art of Self Expression

2012 Oni-con 2012 – Second Place
2012 Mechacon – Panelists
2012 San Japan – Best in Advanced Craftsmanship
2012 San Japan – Best in Open (Hall Cosplay)
2012 Anime Matsuri – Best Group

2011 Oni-Con – Second Place
2011 Mechacon – Judge’s Award
2011 Anime Matsuri – Best in Intermediate (Jehn)
2011 Featured on Conscenes.com 

2010 LousiANIME – Second Place
2010 Mechacon – Best Craftsmanship (Kiya)

2009 Mechacon – Judges Award (Kiya)