The Emperor’s
New Groove

Hours to Complete: 20-50 hrs
Budget: $100
Debuted:  San Japan 2012
Awards Won: Best Master Craftmanship

  • Jehn (Yzma)
  • Kiya (Kuzco)


We still aren’t sure what possessed us to do this.. somewhere between Yzma’s batty eyelashes and Kuzco’s colorful personality. I’m sure the fact that The Emperors New Groove is among our favorite movies had something to do with it too..

Yzma’s look was created using Ben Nye’s old age kit. Her eyebrows are hidden and redrawn higher and more rounded to emulate the old woman look. The hair is actually a short wig used for a widows peak and a larger hair piece created by gluing loose wefts to poster board. Her back ornament was made using styrofoam board and dowel rods covered with fabric.

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